Eric de Hont
jan 11, 2016 ITGilde Professional # 69

IT Professional Perl developer / Senior AIX/Linux Engineer

Recent work experience: AIX-support. 8 years experience with EMC’s Symmetrix product range.

IBM Tivoli Storage Management (iTSM) backup & restore solution. Have written ksh/perl scripts to manage and analyze a large iTSM-environment (10k backup clients).
Worked in a project to introduce Aptare (a.k.a. Hitachi Storage Viewer) to report on and monitor the iTSM environment.

Previous experience: Supervisor X1150 minicomputer (Data Entry), IT (skilled) help desk, OS/2 3rd line support.


  • Perl
  • Regular expressions
  • Unix file utilities
  • Kksh
  • Awk

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