Gerrit Tamboer
mrt 22, 2016 ITGilde Professional # 72

Founding Partner & Engineer at Fullstaq | Freelance Linux Engineer ★ DevOps ★ AWS ★ Puppet/Chef ★ CI/CD

I am a broadly experienced Linux engineer with a strong affinity for Open Source software and standards. I specialize in software integration, middleware solutions and MySQL. I feel comfortable on every level in the stack (from the front-end to the bits & bytes), but I excel working between the software development and system engineering layers.

I love working in multidisciplinary teams which makes me embrace the agile software development movement. The term DevOps sounds like music to my ears. My technical quality’s makes me an ideal candidate for large and leading web concepts.

Besides contributing on a technical level I enjoy writing about Open Source software and sharing my knowledge. I am an experienced technical trainer and sharing knowledge is one of my key contributions on freelance assignments.

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